Pilgrim History

In 1914, Pilgrim Congregational Church was established in downtown Chattanooga by Rev. Charles Haven Myers and a group of about 100 people from First Methodist Church who sought doctrinal liberty and a church life with freedom from outside powers.  After meeting in temporary spaces for several years, Pilgrim Church began construction of a new church building at the corner of Oak and Lindsay in 1921.

The current building at 400 Glenwood Drive was built in 1959.  Two years before, the Congregational Christian Churches joined with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to create the United Church of Christ (UCC). Pilgrim Church became a member of the UCC in 1961.

In the 1960's, we took a leading role in the Civil Rights Movement in Chattanooga, speaking out against racial inequality and prejudice. In the 1970's, we continued our leadership in the community by striving to bring about racial justice, equal rights, and ecumenical cooperation. In recent years, Pilgrim Church has lived its mission and  it has grown as an inclusive and diverse community. We have provided support for the homeless by helping bring the Interfaith Homeless Network to Chattanooga; have provided needed support and resources to a neighborhood elementary school; and have maintained a food pantry which assists many area residents. In 2003, we declared ourselves an Open and Affirming Church in the United Church of Christ.

In February of 2008, Rev. Dr. David C. Brown was chosen as our pastor. He served our congregation until his retirement on December 31, 2014.

On March 1, 2015, Rev. Dr. Marvin L. Morgan began serving the congregation as its Intentional Interim Minister. Pastor Marvin assisted church leaders in guiding the congregation through the selection process of choosing a new permanent minister.

On April 15, 2017, Rev. Scott Williamson was chosen as our pastor.

On September 28, 2020, Rev. Katharine Toledano was elected as our Designated Minister, click here