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Sunday, November 1st, 11am

11am Zoom Service

11am zoom service with our guest preacher Pilgrim Rev. Kate Stulce! 

November 1st, 4pm

Gathering the Saints

Pilgrims Past and Present are invited to the sanctuary for prayer and silent reflection.  We will have a short service at 4:30pm and invite you to send names of those who should be remembered. Organist Jim Bailiff will be playing meditation music.   We will follow CDC guidelines.  Any questions, contact Dianne or Katharine.


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Ongoing events are canceled

Loose Change Sunday

Remember to bring your spare change every first Sunday of the month to support the Food Pantry.

Church Council Meeting

Every Second Thursday of the month

PFLAG Meetings

Held every third Sunday of the month after Worship Service

Coffee Hour

Held every Sunday immediately following worship. Coffee, drinks, and light refreshments offered. 

Pilgrim Congregational 



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