UCC One Great Hour of Sharing During March


The Rev. Eileen Norrington, a retired UCC chaplain who was recognized for her work in the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps with a 2019 Antoinette Brown award: “OGHS makes it possible for each of us to bring the loving care of our God to people, near and far, most in need of what the funds provide — assistance to people who are impacted by natural disasters — wildfires, floods, earthquakes, famine; opportunities for education that helps lift people out of poverty; vital refugee assistance; water sources making life possible for people, crops, and livestock,” she said. “Working with our mission partners, we are able to ensure that all OGHS funds are put to the best use. Giving to OGHS is the ideal way to share what we have so generously been given by our God. Go to menu bar "Donate" for monetary gift giving or mail to Pilgrim Church, Finance, 400 Glenwood Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37404

Kid's Ministry

Come join the fun at Pilgrim!

We have a time for our children during each worship service. Afterwards, the children head off to Sunday School where they read bible stories, make crafts and projects, play and eat snacks!

No matter what your age, we have friends waiting to meet YOU!

Faith Formations

Please join us each Sunday morning at 10:00 am, for highly informative discussions regarding creative ways to live our faith. Whoever you are and wherever you are, on life's journey you [and your ideas] are welcome here!

Food Pantry

We believe in helping those in need in our community. That's why on the last Saturday of every month, we distribute various groceries and fresh produce to all comers.

Womens Guild Luncheon

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for lunch around town to enjoy some friendship and fellowship! Men are welcome to attend!

Men's Breakfast

Join us on the third Saturday of each month for lunch around town to enjoy some friendship and fellowship! Women are welcome to attend!

House to House

Join us for our newest ministry as we meet as small groups at each others homes for fellowship and fun. More details coming soon!

“Hope’s Café” gets new life!

I publish a new blog every Friday and welcome new readers. I strive to offer something uplifting, an antidote to some of the daily fare we are most often served. 

Peace, Kate


or googling kateshopecafe.net

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